BURNING GIRAFFE @ YIA ART FAIR #11 PARIS | October 19th to 22nd, 2017

Turin based Burning Giraffe Art Gallery will present a selection of works by four of the most interesting representatives of the new generation of Italian painters (Silvia Argiolas, Romina Bassu, Anna Capolupo and Simone Geraci) at YIA Art Fair #11, located at Le Carreau du Temple, in Paris, from October 19th to 22nd.


Silvia Argiolas was born in Cagliari, in 1977, and currently lives and works in Milan. Her research has always been marked by a strong use of symbolism, intimate and vital, underlined by constant eroticism – each time more or less evident, sometimes blatant, others just suggested, but always there. Her most recent series of works , be it nude lascivious female figures or surreal portraits, all have the specific warmth and that sense of intimate conjunction, which, according to seminal psychologist William James, pervades our deepest sensations and memories. Silvia Argiola’s artworks are born in the immediacy of the sensibility of a deep and sensitive soul, able to expose herself, and the society we live in.
Most recently she exhibited her works at Burning Giraffe Art Gallery, in Turin, Italy, at Arusha Gallery, in Edinburgh, Scotland, and at Arusha Gallery, in Köln, Germany. In November 2017, some of her works will be showcased at Artissima Art Fair, in Turin, Italy’s most renowned Contemporary Art Fair.


Romina Bassu was born in 1982, in Rome, where she lives and works. She studied Fine Arts in Rome and Sevilla, Spain. Since the beginning of her research Romina Bassu’s art draws its aesthetic inspiration from the use of a nostalgic imaginary, first working on an individual’s past, gathering vintage photographs and turning them into watercolor or acrylic paintings, and then finding a way to make her art more universal, by depicting vintage images taken from magazines or movies from Fifties America, manipulating them to remark society’s chauvinistic tone. Bassu applies a feminist approach to the passing of time on humans, deleting them and turning them into nostalgic figures. In this perspective she creates an “individual mythology” in which we can all recognize ourselves.
She most recently exhibited her works at Marcolini Art Gallery, in Forlì, Italy, at the Giovanni Fattori Museum in Livorno, Italy and at Kühlhaus, in Berlin, Germany. In November 2017, Burning Giraffe Art Gallery will present her solo show, entitled Analog Sampler.


Anna Capolupo was born in Lamezia Terme, in 1983. She currently lives and works in Florence, where she she studied Fine Arts. Her pictorial research focuses, especially in the last few years, on the subject of the City: the places of the suburban outskirts, the factories, the building sites, the dumps. All these places are seen as part of the subconscious of the inhabitants of the City, and of the City itself. By examining these “non-places”, which are apparently part of every city and none, the artist becomes the testimony of a living metropolis in constant change. The City starts existing through the repetition of signs, colors, lights, shadows and atmospheres which vibrate in the artist’s eyes – reinvented natures.
Her works where awarded many important prizes in the last couple of years and she was named one of the twenty most promising young talents by Wired Magazine (Wired Audi Innovation Award). Most recently, her works were exhibited at the MACA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Acri), in Cosenza, Italy, at Burning Giraffe Art Gallery, in Turin, Italy and at Galleria Cartavetra, Florence, Italy.


Simone Geraci was born in 1985 in Palermo, where he lives and works and where he studied Fine Arts.
Oriented towards the analysis of the individual, the artist’s research is focused on the human figure intended as an expressionistic vessel for his drifting psyche. Be it elegant nude female figures or enigmatic and nostalgic portraits, the human presence is left alone in the midst of a thick red void, which is cut only by the sheet of slate which functions both as support for the oil painting and integral part of the painting itself, giving birth to a strong contrast in texture and colors. The completely opaque dark grey slate eats up geometrically the space of the painted figures and portraits, framing them or giving them a further dimension of fascination and mystique.
Most recently, Simone Geraci works where exhibited at the Museum of Palazzo Bellomo, in Siracusa, Italy, at Scope Art Fair, in Basel, Switzerland and at Burning Giraffe Art Gallery, in Turin, Italy. In 2018, he exhibitions planned in Milan, Vienna and Paris.

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