cropped-BUG-Logo-Colorismall.jpgFrom Tuesday, Febraury 26 to Sunday, March 3, Burning Giraffe Art Gallery will partecipate to the tenth edition of JustMad Art Fair, at the Palacio de Neptuno, in Madrid. The gallery’s E3 booth will display works by artists Romina BassuOtto D’Ambra and Simone Geraci, many of which made specially for the occasion. For more information click HERE.


cropped-BUG-Logo-Colorismall.jpgFino a sabato 16 marzo 2019, Burning Giraffe Art Gallery presenta la mostra Vortex: In limine mundi, personale dell’artista OPIEMME. Per maggiori informazioni, cliccate QUI.

Per sfogliare online il catalogo della mostra, cliccate QUI.


cropped-BUG-Logo-Colorismall.jpgFrom November 20 to December 23, 2018, Burning Giraffe Art Gallery hosts the exhibition Nightscapes 2015-2018, which offers a glimpse into the evolution of the Nightscapes project, started in 2015 by artist Ugo Ricciardi and still ongoing. From the fairytale landscapes of the Western Alps to the powerful mystical presence of Greek and Keltic ruins. For more information, click HERE.


cropped-BUG-Logo-Colorismall.jpgNine new unique postcard sized artworks by artist ANNA CAPOLUPO are now available for sale in the ART SHOP section of our website. Check them out HERE.

Nella sezione ART SHOP del nostro sito sono ora disponibili nove nuove opere uniche dell’artista ANNA CAPOLUPO. Per vederle, clicca QUI.

cropped-BUG-Logo-Colorismall.jpgA partire da giovedì 7 giugno, Burning Giraffe Art Gallery ospita la mostra SPECIE DI SPAZI, personale dell’artista ANNA CAPOLUPO.

cropped-BUG-Logo-Colorismall.jpgA selection of artist Otto D’Ambra‘s artworks is now available in the ART SHOP section of our website, up to 20% off their original price. Click HERE to find out more.